How to Bypass iCloud Activation via Custom DNS on iPhone

There are two ways for you to access non-activated iPhone, custom DNS, or third-party activation tools. Custom DNS is more popular among all who want instant access without a PC. Activation tools do not work for everyone, so I suggest the first method.

Removing iCloud Activation

What you can access: You can see all the saved media files, apps, SMS, e-mail, maps, games, music, social media and streaming.

Step 1: First Force Restart your iPhone by pressing the Sleep / Wake + Home button (iPhone 7 and earlier) and for Hard Restarting iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X continuously until black screen, then Sleep / Wake Press the button once for the start screen. The first screen displays the list of country names.

Step 2: After selecting your country, If Wi-Fi networks are available, the list will be displayed on the screen. To not tap a Wi-Fi name. Press the Home button once, tap to access the Wi-Fi settings more Wi-Fi settings.

Step 3: Next, tap the Settings icon near the Wi-Fi signal. Make sure Wi-Fi is not connected.

Touch the Settings icon again on the Wi-Fi Settings screen IP Address> Custom DNS> tap there and enter DNS for your region listed below.

DNS Server IP for Bypass / Remove Activation Lock

USA / North America



Other Country

Move back and enable Wi-Fi by entering the Wi-Fi password.

Now your screen will be displayed  “Hello” . Touch Menu.

Under the menu, you can use any data installed and stored on the iPhone.

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