How To Backup Unlimited Photos / Videos From IOS / Android To Google Photo

People who like to take pictures on phones until all the storage is gone. Many people who have computers will copy and store it on their computers. Or use a USB flash drive that can be connected directly to phone. But if the USB flash drive is lost or the hard disk is damaged, then all your long-time photos are gone completely.

How to use Google Photo to back up photos, videos.

Therefore, we recommend backing up photos and videos to Google Photo which can be stored unlimitedly and will never delete at all times. Before you can do so, it is necessary to apply for a Google Account first. For those who use Android mobile phones, they already have a Google account. But those who use iPhone, if you don’t have one, please apply first.

Install the Google Photo app

For Android mobile phones, there will be apps for everyone,  iOS user can go to download from the App Store for free, complete the installation.

Back up photos and videos to Google Photo.

Open the Google Photo app to set it as Unlimited free storage space

1) Open the app, for the first time, will give Sing in with a Google Account account first.

2) Once you have entered the app, go to the Main menu in the top right bar and select Settings

3) Choose Backup and Sync

4) Choose high quality (unlimited free storage), the image file will be reduced in size. But still maintaining the sharpness of the image and resolution

Normally I’d choose to upload only when connected to WiFi. When the picture or video uploaded to Google Photo, you are able to delete files on the device immediately.

And you can open and view images and videos or upload an image file through the website on the computer as well.

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