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Shein’s size grid does not correspond to the usual S, M, L, etc. labels. The manufacturer recommends to carefully study the “Size Reference” in the information card of each product. This also applies to clothing and footwear, both women and men or children. 

The selection of parameters for online shopping is perhaps the main headache of all buyers. This is especially true for Chinese online stores, because clothes from Asia do not fit American or European standards in any way. For example, a European girl who has worn M all her life may suddenly find out that at least 2XL is suitable for her from China. And a slightly overweight lady with XL will find with horror that she should go to the Plus Size catalog …

Why is Chinese clothing so monstrously small? Mystery. Most likely, the matter is in the diminutiveness of the inhabitants of the South-East, their thinness and short stature. What’s the difference? Just remember, Chinese things are always undersized, and both wearable (lower) and upper.

That is why Shein does not have a uniform size chart for clothing. By the way, this is very cool, since it is precisely the adjustment of things of different textures and cuts to one template that leads to disappointment when receiving goods purchased in an online store.

Shein was not lazy, and carefully measured every products on the website, and included a size chart in every product description. And, judging by the reviews, if you focus on this information, “guessing” is not necessary.

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How to decipher the size chart on Shein?

Below we give tables for converting Shein clothing sizes to the European and Russian systems.

We will separately mention adult and children’s nets, we will instruct you on how to choose shoes. And we will definitely teach you how to determine the value correctly.

Shein Women’s Sizing Guide

Chinese girls, as a rule, are sleeker and smaller than guys, so women’s sizes on Shein’s website, in comparison with Russians, are small by at least 2 points.

To translate clothing sizes from Shein to those familiar to Russians, refer to the table below.

RussianEuropean / USAShein

Shein Men’s Sizing Guide

The size chart of Shein’s women’s clothing does not correlate with men’s, so we give a different table.

RussianEuropean / USAShein

Shein children’s Sizing Guide

Mothers who have already ordered things for children from Chinese stores will confirm that there are most surprises here. Clothes can be small in size by 3-4 sizes, while two adjacent ones hardly differ from each other.

Two dresses from the same position in the size grid may well be completely different in size. And this is from one manufacturer!

Shein excelled here too, no joke. In the children’s catalog, each item also has a size chart, and, according to reviews, it is quite accurate.

In general, child sizing charts are based on a child’s age and height.

  • The wardrobe of babies from 0 to 3 is selected, focusing on growth;
  • Clothes for children over 3 years old have a size range equal to their age. That is, if you saw the value “6Y” in Shein and are interested in what size it is, then it is intended for an average six-year-old.
  • If you have a small child or, conversely, a large one, consider this.
  • And best of all, measure and compare with the parameters in the reference.
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Check out Shein’s children’s clothing size chart.

AgeHeight, cmRussianShein
2 months old (or less)+/- 5618
3 months old 58183
4 months old 62203-6
6 months old 68206
9 months old 74226-12
12 months old 802412
18 months old 862618
24 months old 922824
36 months old 963036
3 years old9828/303Y
4 years old10428/304Y
5 years old110305Y
6 years old 116326Y
7 years old 12232/347Y
8 years old 128348Y
9 years old 134369Y
10 years old 1403810Y
11 years old 14638/4011Y
12 years old 1524012Y
13 years old 15640/4213Y
14 years old 15840/4214Y
15 years old 16440/4215Y
16 years old 1704216Y
17 years old 1764217Y

Shein Shoes size chart

Be sure to check the size of Shein shoes with the reference. This applies to both children’s and adult wardrobe. The size chart is based on the length of the foot, so take preliminary measurements.

Below we provide an approximate table, but you must understand that each pair may have individual numbers. For example, there are always differences between flip-flops, winter boots and school ballerinas.

SheinFoot length, cm
Baby /EUR2617
Adults /EUR3723.5-24

How to navigate according to the size chart so that the thing fits?

All tables in the article are approximate. We have already clarified above that Shein does not work according to a single size chart. The charts for each item must indicate whether the fabric stretches and for what type of figure it is intended. Detailed measurements for all quantities are also provided.

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All you need to do is take a measuring tape and measure your parameters. Next, correlate the obtained numbers with the information in the size chart from the product card. Be sure to consider your body type and dressing habits. For example, if you like a T-shirt or sweatshirt to fit more loosely, choose a larger value.

  • The circumference of the bust is measured at the most prominent points, strictly on the exhale;
  • The waist is measured at its narrowest part;
  • The size of the hips is measured at the widest part;
  • Height should be measured from occiput to feet;
  • The width of the shoulders is determined by the distance from one edge of the shoulder to the extreme point of the other;
  • The length of the foot is calculated from the print on the sheet of paper. Just trace the contour of your foot and measure the maximum length (usually from heel to tip of your big toe).

Fit finder

Shein has a special service that helps you choose the size as accurately as possible. It’s called “Fit finder”. A very handy thing, but alas, it is present only on the selected assortment.

Open the card of the desired product and see if there is a link “Find your size” to the right of the “Help” button. If yes, click.

Next, just follow the steps of the assistant robot. He will ask you to name your parameters (height, weight, age), the approximate volume of the abdomen, hips, chest, etc. At the end, it will give out the recommended size of the given thing and tell you if it is available.

Let’s round off. We hope you figured out how to figure out the dimensions on Shein. And in general, for clothes from Chinese manufacturers.

To summarize very briefly, in order to determine the correct size on the Shein website, simply read the information in the product card. Do not be lazy and measure your length of the sleeve, leg, waist, buttocks, feet and everything that is there in general.

And compare with the given dimensional grid. That’s all. You do not need to search the net for Shein size conversion tables at all, take at random. A measuring tape is in your hands and there will be no surprises.

And one more piece of advice. Read reviews. As a rule, in them, people indicate which thing they took and whether it fit their parameters.

And yes, write them yourself to make it a little easier for others.

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