Google: Starting with Android 10, The Version Number Will No Longer Be Named After Dessert

According to Android Police, Google’s latest official version of the system is named Android Pie. However, starting with Android 10, Google will no longer use dessert as the version number. It is understood that just looking for the name of the dessert that can be named for Android brings a lot of difficulties to the Android team. In addition, as a global operating system, not everyone knows what these desserts are.

Android 10 Name

According to the report, starting with Android 1.0, the dessert code has been accompanied by Android. At present, Google has released 14 Android versions named after desserts, including (Android version in brackets):

  1. Cupcake (1.5),
  2. Donut (1.6),
  3. Eclair (2.0-1),
  4. Froyo (2.2),
  5. Gingerbread (2.3 ),
  6. Honeycomb (3.0-2),
  7. Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0),
  8. Jelly Bean (4.1-3),
  9. KitKat (4.4),
  10. Lollipop (5.0-1),
  11. Marshmallow (6.0),
  12. Nougat (7.0-1),
  13. Oreo ( 8.0-1),
  14. Android 9 Pie.

Taken together, the numbers have become a simple and applicable way to name the Android version.

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