Google prepares all Android to support the same USB-PD charging standard

In today’s fast charging technology on mobile phones go very far.  Just a few minutes charges can support to use for many hours. However, there are still some problems, such as using the charging cable for different mobile phones can not utilize the charging speed because it is different from the standard. So now there are rumors that Google may rule out all mobile phones using Android systems to use the same fast charging standards.

The standard for charging is called USB-PD (Power Delivery). In theory, this standard can support charging up to 100 watts, but today only a handful of brands choose this standard, such as the Pixel of Google itself or Samsung Galaxy supports this standard (the 45W Transformer of the Galaxy Note 10+ uses USB-PD 3.0 standards). Other famous brands like Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi use the standards that they have invented and developed. These results in the charging cables and transformers of those brands Cannot be charged quickly to other brands of mobile phones.


The documents that XDA developers have received about the new version of GMS (Google Mobile Services).  Google specifies the minimum requirements that if anyone wants to get GMS to their mobile phone. One thing that has been informed is the phones with the Android 10 operating system must support all USB-PD charging standards. In the report, it will not specify when it will be enforced. Including the ambiguity that they can work together but may not reach the maximum power, such as OnePlus 7 Pro or 7T, it may support PD, but only 5V3A or 15W, but not the same as Warp Charge, which can go up to 30W.

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