Goodbye Samsung Cloud ?! Microsoft Partners Bring OneDrive to Galaxy Phones

Samsung and Microsoft announced in August this year a partnership that allows Galaxy phones to come with preloaded Microsoft Android apps and services. Features that come as a result of this partnership include Outlook enhancements, OneDrive integration, and Link to Windows.

The Galaxy Note 10 and other Sammy smartphones, OneDrive, which becomes the default cloud platform on Android 10 beta.

Galaxy connect to microsoft one drive

This allows Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus users to sync photos and videos directly to OneDrive in Gallery, making the Microsoft app their backup solution.

The procedure will transfer all photos and videos stored on the Samsung Cloud to OneDrive. Microsoft will keep the storage space for one year free of charge with a 15 GB bonus, after the period you will have to pay if you are using beyond the free plan which is 5GB.

Galaxy connect to microsoft onedrive

Note that once you migrate the backup to OneDrive, you will not be able to return to Samsung Cloud. The company will reimburse those who paid for the extra storage of their cloud platform.

The partnership with Microsoft creates uncertainty about the future of its native apps: It is not clear whether the company will follow or discontinue Samsung Cloud, and this is true for email client and Samsung Flow app that integrates computer and mobile and has been replaced by Link to Microsoft.

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