Garmin New Fenix 6 Advanced Outdoor GPS Watch – 90 Days Super Long Battery Life

Garmin’s new Fenix 6 advanced composite outdoor GPS watch continues the Fenix series of durable and rugged features, not only tested by the US military standard MIL-STD-810G, it is also heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance and waterproof. More importantly, the introduction of a unique battery performance management system and solar charging lens, battery life is greatly improved, up to 90 days free from charging.

Garmin fenix 6

New battery performance management system combined with solar energy

Garmin’s unique battery performance management system is definitely the biggest highlight of the Fenix 6 series. It not only shuts down temporarily unwanted functions based on usage scenarios, including heart rate, blood oxygen, GPS, music, backlight, etc. With power-saving mode, it can be used for up to 64 days without charging. It does not use the tradition percentage way to display power level, instead, Fenix 6 uses the “remaining useable days” to indicate it.

Most notably, Garmin introduced solar charging technology to the Fenix 6X Pro Solar model for the first time. By using the new Power Glass solar charging lens on the screen panel, solar energy can be converted into electricity, the Fenix 6X can be extended for up to 26 days with 3 hours charging under the sunlight.

Thanks to the Fenix 6 series battery performance, compared to the previous generation Fenix 5 plus series. In the GPS mode, the watch can be used up to 60 hours, the time has increased by more than 100%.

Skiing, hiking, multiple sports modes

Fenix 6 has a comprehensive evolutionary sports model. It introduces global snowfield information that contains about 2,000 ski resorts in the world. You can use the watch to view the snow road line and difficulty level, and you can see the downhill speed, time, distance, temperature, altitude, making it easier to grasp all kinds of information when going abroad for skiing.

Garmin fenix 6 _2

For trail runners, Garmin also added the “Pace Pro” function to the Fenix 6. Through the built-in map and GPS data, Garmin integrates the key variants of the up and down slope to help runners formulate the best pace matching strategy. It also provides more informative route information in routes with large terrain changes.

Garmin fenix 6 trail racer

Garmin Fenix 6 series watches are available in three diameters, including 42mm Fenix 6S, 47mm Fenix 6 and 51mm Fenix 6X. For enhanced watch durability, all with reinforced polymer combined with white steel and titanium. A metal-finished body with a sapphire glass mirror makes the watch more durable outdoors.

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