Galaxy S8 with Android 10 appears on Geekbench

Samsung has already started testing with Android 10 in its top of the line . According to the South Korean company, the intention is for the official release of the software by the end of this year .

However, recently a screenshot of the Geekbench platform has sparked hope in the owners of the Galaxy S8. That’s because the device was listed in a benchmark test running Android 10.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Geekbench

Now, seeking to clarify the situation, the folks at SamMobile have reported that the screenshot is probably fake. That’s because Samsung should not release Android 10 for the Galaxy S8, since the device has already received two major updates.

In conversations with sources working with Samsung, it was also possible to confirm that the company is not developing an Android 10 build for the S8. In addition, the Geekbench listing went live on October 9, three days before the release of the first beta of the system for the Galaxy S10.

Therefore, as much as the device may be running some Android 10 build, it was not provided by Samsung. Another point that arouses distrust is the ease of handling Geekbench records. This has been previously proven by an XDA editor.

So while hope is the last to die, owners of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus should not expect Samsung to release Android 10 to their devices. What we can discuss at the moment is why the company is not increasing support for upgrades for its high-end smartphones.

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