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Slush, wellies which can be very pretty and fashionable. There is no need to think that such shoes will necessarily be ordinary. Nowadays, you can find models that are comfortable, practical, stylish and beautiful. In addition, designers offer a wide range of models, colors, styles, so your taste will certainly be satisfied.

Rubber boots are distinguished by a variety of coloring options, which can be a monotonous classic or unusual play of patterns. Designers can decorate them with rhinestones, small beads, glued flowers or thin straps.

Benefits of rubber boots

  • No heels are required for rubber shoes. As a result, you will not need to replace the heels
  • Your legs will not be constrained. You will be able to feel the convenience and ease. Therefore, rubber boots are ideal for daily wear.
  • Rubber boots will not fray, so the original shape will be retained when worn
  • The shoes are ideal, both for walking outside the city and for a party
  • Caring for rubber boots is easy

Disadvantages of rubber boots

  • Poor ventilation. You must take into account that air cannot pass through the rubber. As a result, your skin will not breathe.
  • When entering the room, it is advisable to immediately change your shoes.
  • There is a risk of fungal growth. As a major preventive measure, you will need to dry regularly.
  • How to choose the right rubber boots?

Do you still want to buy rubber boots? What to consider when choosing. Before going to the store, it is advisable to take your socks with you. Ideally, socks should be woolen. Try to choose the exact size, because rubber cannot wear out. Pay attention to the features of the sole and the presence of relief. You should check for imperfections, smudges and blotches that may be on the skin.

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Bottes en caoutchouc à la mode sur Aliexpress

Bottes en caoutchouc à la mode sur Aliexpress

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