Find My Items:You can find everything with your iPhone

In addition to finding people, iPhones can find things: MacRumors has leaked images from the new Items tab, similar to existing People and Devices that already exist in the Find My app. The feature is still under development, as it is not available in the iOS 13 update that was released recently.

apple find your items

The items tab will also display a map and list of items associated with the user’s Apple ID account.  The feature is internally called B389,  tracking marks are included in Find My via the Add button.

The operation is simple: when an object is no longer near, the user receives a notification. If you can’t find what you’ve lost, just hit a button in Find My, and the Apple tag will beep loudly, letting you know where the misplaced object is.

If the lost object is far away, your avatar can be attached to “Lost Mode”. Once another iPhone user finds the item, they can view the item owner’s information and contact you. The owner of the lost object will be notified immediately.

The item can be left intentionally in one place can be included in Safe Places mode, also you can share the location with your friends.

Source: MacRumors

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