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A comfortable sports mat is necessary not only for home sports, but also for group programs and fitness in nature. It must withstand intense loads, be durable and reliable.

If you are looking for where to buy a fitness mat, then check out our selection of quality and inexpensive options from the top on Aliexpress.

A sports mat is recommended for all sports at home or in the gym for several reasons. Firstly, it is hygienic, especially when doing exercises on the floor. Secondly, it protects your spine. And thirdly, it can be used to train on any surface, including natural terrain. Check out our selection of the best inexpensive fitness mats on Aliexpress.


Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

A durable fitness mat made from a resilient and dense material, perfect for active and intense workouts at home or in the gym. The mat is made of NBR (nitrile rubber), which is highly wear-resistant, durable, easy to clean: it can be washed with soap and water. The material does not slip even on the smoothest and hardest surfaces, allowing you to exercise at a fast pace. With a thickness of 1 cm, the mat protects the spine, elbows and knees, preventing discomfort and injury.

In the reviews, buyers note the good quality of the product: softness, rich color, absence of foreign odors. Live the mat really looks very dense and thick, but elastic enough and moderately soft. In addition, the mat is equipped with an elastic band for carrying, which is convenient, despite the fact that it is very light. The dimensions of the mat are 183x61x1cm.


Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

Comfortable, non-slip, ribbed mat made of tough and durable NBR rubber. Its 1cm thickness allows it to be used for active and dynamic fitness activities at home or in the gym . The manufacturer offers a mat in black with red fabric edging, which enhances traction. Thanks to the softness and elasticity of the material, the mat protects the elbows, knees and spine during exercise. Size 183x61x1cm is ideal for men and women.

There are a lot of good reviews about the model, the product is of good quality and is great for sports. The mat is soft, dense, rather heavy, thanks to which it holds its shape well and does not slip on the floor. You may smell rubber after first unpacking. The mat is completed with a cover with a handle, in which it is convenient to transport.

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Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

If you are unsure of which fitness mat to choose, look for thicker models with a soft, elastic surface that make planks and other floor exercises comfortable. This includes an oversized 1.5 cm thick nitrile rubber mat. The non-slip, waterproof, ribbed mat is perfect for calm and intense workouts at home, at the gym or outdoors. The manufacturer offers mats 200 cm long, 61, 80, 90 cm wide, making them perfect for men as well.

Buyers note the good quality of the mat , although its thickness may be slightly less than 15 mm, but not critical. Many people liked the appearance and the absence of foreign odors. The mat can be cut to length, as its standard length of 2 m is not suitable for everyone. The model is presented in 2 colors – black and dark green, which look the same live as in the picture.


Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

Bright, comfortable and inexpensive fitness mat will be an excellent choice not only for active sports, but also for relaxed yoga and Pilates. A textured rug with a double-sided work surface can be easily carried with you to the hall, as it does not weigh much. The soft and elastic material does not deform, stretch or slip on smooth surfaces . The rug is a standard size 183×61, 6 mm thick, you can choose the color yourself from 6 proposed options.

There are a lot of positive reviews about this product: buyers like the color, size, absence of foreign odors, embossed surface. Also note the beautiful appearance of the rug, lightweight, elasticity. The mat is great for both home workouts and group exercises in the gym. A convenient case in the kit allows you to take it with you to fitness without any problems.


Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

For active fitness, a mat made of dense material is best suited that does not slip, stretch or deform during intense exercise. The 1cm thick ribbed mat is ideal for home and gym workouts. Moisture and water resistant, anti- slip , elastic and comfortable in size, the mat is useful for training in fitness, Pilates, stretching and yoga. The rug is made in a universal size 183×61 in 4 bright colors.

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In reviews, buyers note the softness, comfortable size and bright color of the rug. It is convenient to practice on it, it does not slip and is resistant to moisture. The material is similar to compressed foam, making the mat very soft and flexible. Despite the softness, there are no creases or dents on the rug; it does not deform when stretched. The thickness may be slightly less than 1 cm. Additionally, the mat is equipped with an elastic band for carrying.


Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

Durable, high quality and affordable, the TPE fitness mat is a good choice for quiet and active workouts at home, in the gym or outdoors. The rug is made of ecological, waterproof material, easy to maintain. The relief on both sides enhances grip and prevents slipping . The standard size 183×61 is universally suitable for girls of any height. Stylish print and several colors complement the model’s advantage.

Customers liked the quality of the product. Although the manufacturer offers this yoga mat, it is great for the most active fitness, including group gym sessions. On it, you can safely perform exercises not only lying down, but also standing, without fear that the rug will slide. Live the rug looks as bright and rich as in the picture. It is of medium thickness, so for those looking for a very soft rug this model will not work. The mat is completed with a carrying bag.


Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

The high-density mat with a raised surface is designed for active fitness, and therefore does not slip during exercise and does not deform after prolonged use . The mat is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic material that is recyclable and does not harm the environment. From the manufacturer, you can buy a fitness mat in several bright colors and one standard size 183×61.

The reviews note the good quality of the product: beautiful color, pleasant surface texture, density and elasticity of the material. The mat is well suited for home workouts and for the gym, as it is convenient to take with you due to its low weight of 800 g. In addition, the mat is equipped with an elastic band and a bag in which it is convenient to carry it.


Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

The durable, thick nitrile rubber mat is a great choice for dynamic fitness workouts where stability is important. The increased thickness, in turn, will allow you to perform exercises on the floor without any problems, without fear of the elbow and knee joints, which often suffer from hard surfaces. Choose from a range of brightly colored rugs, including a versatile black for men. The rug is in a single size 183×61, but you can choose the thickness yourself from three options: 10 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm.

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Customers liked the thickness and softness of the rug, as well as the rich color and ribbed surface that feels good to the touch. Cons: sloppy cropping, which spoils the look a little. But on the other hand, the lack of rounded sides allows you to cut the rug to size if it is too long, for example. The mat comes with an elastic band for carrying and easy storage.


Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

The padded TPE sports mat  provides stability during active movements and is therefore great for fitness training. The embossed texture guarantees a good grip so that the mat does not slip on the floor and under the hands. The striking two-tone design not only looks beautiful, but also emphasizes the fact that the rug can be used on both sides. The rug is a standard size 183×61, thickness 8 mm, and weight 800 g.

There are a lot of enthusiastic reviews in the comments, as the product is really high quality and very easy to use. The mat is pleasant to the touch thanks to the embossed surface; it does not stretch, deform or slip during training. Many noted the natural, non-flashy color of the rug and the absence of foreign odors. Comes with a transparent carrying bag.


Las 10 mejores alfombrillas de fitness económicas en Aliexpress

Bright fitness and gymnastics mat made of durable and durable TPE material combined with microfiber. When used, the mat does not slip, does not electrify, and does not leave dents on it. Stylish print helps you personalize your style during group fitness, Pilates or yoga sessions. The size of the rug is 183×66, the thickness is 0.5 cm.

Buyers liked the quality of the rug, how it looks live. The print is rich and even brighter than the picture. The velvety coating provides a good grip so your hands do not slip. Ribbed underside further enhances stability. The mat looks beautiful and is great for fitness. Comes with a stylish carry strap.

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