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Cooking is such an enjoyable activity, but not everyone has gone to culinary school and can chop onions in a split second like the pros. And thankfully, that’s why gadgets exist. Think about all the dishes you’ve always wanted to cook but thought they were taking too long to prepare. Just check the list below. Maybe some of these things will help you reconsider your decision!

I’ve concluded some of the most useful and original kitchen gadgets you can buy on AliExpress to make your cooking process easier. Don’t miss! So you can cook in style!

Stainless steel finger Protector

No need to worry when you cut vegetables with these magical stainless steel finger protectors that block any accidental cut without damaging your skin (or nails).

Donut Cutter

Donut Cutter​

Baking and making sweets is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but sometimes it takes precision. To make your donut-making task easier, get this shape that will help you make donuts in the same shape and size every time.

Charlie Chaplin Shaped Peeler

Charlie Chaplin Shaped Peeler​

Style and humor are always trendy, which is why we loved the Charlie Chaplin vegetable peeler, which will give your kitchen the vintage touch it has always needed and peel your vegetables.

Portable mini blender

Portable mini blender​

If you don’t have time to go to the kitchen, then let the kitchen come to you instead with this portable mini blender. Ideal for making fresh morning cocktails on the go.

Rotating plastic dispenser

Rotating plastic dispenser​

With this rotary dispenser, there is no need to keep various cereal dispensers in the kitchen. It not only saves space, but it also keeps your cereals (flour, rice or corn) fresh whenever you need to use them.

Hangers for kitchen appliances

Hangers for kitchen appliances​

It’s always good to be able to hang things up when you need more space in your kitchen. These shelf hangers are perfect for hanging lightweight kitchen tools, and best of all, you don’t even need to have a screwdriver to install them.

Organizer for jars in the refrigerator

Organizer for jars in the refrigerator​

Fresh soda is a blessing during the summer (and the rest of the year too), but keeping them in the fridge can be a hassle. Not with these can organizers that allow you to manage your space in the most efficient way.

Spiral sausage slicing

Spiral sausage slicing​

This sausage slicer allows you to add a special touch to the sausages at the end of cooking.

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Reusable Silicone Lids

Reusable Silicone Lids​

Obviously, this is the fastest way to preserve your food without worrying about cleaning Tupperware dishes. It is also more environmentally friendly than plastic wrap. These Universal Caps come in a variety of sizes.

Non-stick silicone pancake mold

Non-stick silicone pancake mold​

The time when your pancakes were always just flat and round is over. Use this simple non-stick silicone mold to make your breakfast shine every morning. No need to wait for Valentine’s Day.

Spiral vegetable cutter

Spiral vegetable cutter​

This vegetable peeler / cutter is the perfect tool for decorating plates. It mainly works as a pencil sharpener for vegetables.

Reusable Glass Jar Shaped Snack Bags

Reusable Glass Jar Shaped Snack Bags​

Use these original bags to keep your snacks fresh when you take them to work or camping. They are nice, stylish, waterproof, airtight, and most importantly, they look like stone jars!

LEGO Silicone Cake Molds

LEGO Silicone Cake Molds​

No need to feel nostalgic for the LEGOs that you had to leave with your parents when you moved. Now you can just create your own and then eat them! Chocolate cakes, gelatin, ice cubes in the shape of your favorite characters …

Corgi shaped cookie cutters

Corgi shaped cookie cutters​

Is there anything more fun than cute corgi-shaped cookies? We will answer you that there is no and will not be. Make sure your cookies are as cute as they are delicious.

Chicken shaped herb container

Chicken shaped herb container​

Vegans also have the right to enjoy the right chicken broth. Take this chicken-shaped herb container to season your broth and never look back. Plus, you no longer need to fish for oregano leaves in your pot.

Vegetable cutter

Cortador de verduras

You don’t need to be a professional chef to make your plates look like they were served in a 5-star restaurant. Plus, if you’re into itchy and other types of vegetable paste, this tool will save you hours of work.

Stainless steel cheese grater

Stainless steel cheese grater​

Forget about getting greasy hands every time you need to grate cheese. Plus, there is no need to break the Parmesan when topping up the pasta. Use this stainless steel cheese grater to do the job for you. It even has 2 blades so you can choose your favorite grille style.

Pull-out refrigerator storage racks

Pull-out refrigerator storage racks​

Not surprisingly, we went back to the refrigerator, since it is difficult to keep order there. If jar organizers weren’t enough, check out these sliding storage racks to help you save space in your refrigerator without having to use a single tool. You can also get them in different colors.



Adding green onions to decorate your plate is no longer a “restaurant thing”. Save precious seconds when chopping onions or aromatic herbs with this multi-blade cutter.

Spill funnel

Spill funnel​

The food spill is for the weak now that the Pot Spill Funnel has arrived. It is easy to serve soups and broths straight from the pot.

Multifunctional Avocado Cutter

Multifunctional Avocado Cutter​

Avocado aficionados will delight in this versatile avocado slicer that will keep you from wasting your avocado and cutting your hand in the process. You can slice, mash, and even remove the seed easily with this simple yet useful tool.

Tea pot

Tea pot​

Use these tea leaves to the last bite with a complete tea infuser. Thanks to its clever design, you can also just use it as a regular infuser and let it dry on top of your cup.

Adjustable measuring spoon

Adjustable measuring spoon​

Some people say that food preparation is about precision. For those of us who love to experiment and keep a journal with accurate measurements, this adjustable measuring spoon will help you make the most of your culinary experience.

5 blades scissors

5 blades scissors​

There is no need to take a cooking class to cut herbs with robotic precision (and in seconds). Use these 5-ply scissors to get a perfectly consistent sofrito in the easiest way

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