Duet Dispaly for Android is released for download

Duet Display is an app that has been on iOS for a long time. It is an app that allows users to use the iPhone or iPad as the second screen for Mac or Windows computers.  Conventional computer monitors cannot display colors as precisely as possible. People who have such a monitor can use this Duet Display app to mirror the iPhone / iPad image to the monitor.

duet display for android

Most recently, the developer of the Duet Display app has released an Android version so that we can use an Android smartphone or tablet as a second monitor like iDevices. The App supports devices running the Android 7.1 operating system or later, or if you have a Chrome OS device with an Android app installed, it can also use Duet Display.

For the computer side, it must be Mac OS 10.14 or later /Windows 10 only. However, the connection between Android and computer must be via USB-C cable only (not support MicroUSB port).

In fact, Android already has apps that work the same way, like iDisplay, but the results are not that good. Due to frequent loosening and delay. The developer of Duet Display claims that there will be no such problem for sure



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