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It’s no secret that Xiaomi has long gone beyond the creation of smartphones and now produces almost everything. We will not describe their entire assortment, but there are things that can significantly simplify home life and expand the capabilities of our familiar items. In addition, they are also “smart”, which means they can be controlled from a smartphone. Our selection will consist of such things today. We bring to your attention 8 products from Xiaomi that will make your life a little easier.

Xiaomi electric kettle


The first question that arises at the sight of this teapot is: how does it differ from others besides futuristic design? Yes, the fact that it can be turned on and off remotely via the phone, and it can also become one with the smart home system. You can, lying on the couch, without getting up again, turn on the kettle, and then just pour the tea. The main thing is not to forget to pour water. By the way, the heating temperature can also be adjusted and maintained at the desired degree using the application.

Xiaomi Mi body composition scale


Such bathroom scales are needed in every home. They are unique in that they can describe your overall body composition, whether you have enough water in your body, what your BMI is, and how much visceral fat surrounds your organs. All this is recorded in the Mi Fit app, where you can track the dynamics of your weight and the state of your body. We have had personal experience with these scales. There will be a review a little later, but in short: very satisfied!

Vacuum cleaner Mi Robot Vacuum Mop


The dream of any woman is that while she is resting or taking care of herself, someone at this time does the cleaning, which is no longer so impossible. This was facilitated by robotic vacuum cleaners with a wet cleaning function. Robots from Xiaomi are distinguished by the ability to control the vacuum cleaner using a smartphone. This model can draw a map of the apartment and bypass the places indicated on it.

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer


Despite the fact that this device lacks the Xiaomi logo, you can be sure that this is their product, but it is produced under the iHealth / Berrcom brand. The thermometer has the function of memorizing numbers, in case you are forgetful.

Automatic feeder Petkit


Automatic feeder for animals, in case you are planning to go somewhere else for a day and are afraid that your pet will go hungry. Connects to home wi-fi. Up to 10 feeds can be configured.

Roulette Xiaomi mija Duka


A tape measure that will measure any surface, even an arched one. Suitable for both fashion designers and household measurements. Has 8 functions, including the calculation of the diameter. The maximum measurement length is 99 meters.

Air purifier Mi Air


A very important and necessary thing for the home. It will not only prevent dust from settling on the surface for a long time, but will also clean your home from unpleasant odors and flying particles of bacteria, allergens and mold.

Home control sensors


Sets of sensors and sensors that keep the whole house under control: motion sensors, heat sensors, sensors for opening and closing doors and windows. There are also common household sensors that signal smoke or high humidity. All of this can be transferred to the phone using the Aqara Hup gateway over Wi-Fi.

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