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Mink, sable or silk? Such a choice is faced by girls with eyelash extension. Don’t worry, no animal was harmed in the production of artificial eyelashes. These are conventional names for synthetic materials that have disappeared from the vocabulary of professional lashmakers, but are still found on Aliexpress. But when choosing eyelashes, the curvature, thickness and length of the hairs are more important. This is well known to the masters who work in salons, but beginners do not always understand. And if you do not yet have a favorite store on Aliexpress, please stay tune.

The Best Professional Eyelash Extension Kits On Aliexpress

The review presents sets of officially registered brands that specialize in eyelash extensions both for the domestic market and for export. They are sold in branded stores or from official brand representatives on the Aliexpress website. 


For very little money, buyers receive a set of high-quality eyelashes of the most popular curves. They are black with no blue tint. The curl is smooth, the leg is thin, such eyelashes look very neat on the eyelid. The fiber is high quality, soft and very lightweight. The curvature of the eyelashes does not change during wear. The tape is wide, the hairs are easily formed into bundles. The length corresponds to the declared one, if necessary, it can be corrected with scissors. But the thickness is less than the one promised by the seller. 


  • Best quality for a low price
  • Absolute black fiber
  • Beautiful bend


  • Thickness less than stated
  • Thin eyelashes are forcefully removed from the tape


Great sets for those who value customer comfort. The lack of gloss makes them as close to natural as possible. They are weightless, soft and pleasant. A drop of glue is held perfectly. Reviews have compared them to luxury sets such as Barbara. For manual extension techniques, they are the best, but if you work with a tape, then one significant drawback of the set appears – the stripes in the palette are dark, and the cilia are poorly visible against such a background. If this does not bother you, then you can safely take the set. Buyers have no complaints about the eyelashes themselves. 

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  • As close as possible to natural
  • Soft, lightweight and elastic
  • Velvety surface
  • Good contact with adhesive


  • Dark color ribbon
  • The lengths are not signed on the strips


Eyelash extensions from this set have a rich matte black color and better thermal stability. They wear well, are not afraid of sunlight, moisture and temperature extremes. The lashes are evenly distributed on the band, they are soft and pleasant to the touch. There is no shine on the eyes when building. The tips are straight, the curl is as stated. The price is one of the lowest on Aliexpress, but the size of the ribbons is the smallest here, although they are densely packed with hairs. Mix palettes are available for order, as well as sets with eyelashes of the selected length and degree of curl, suitable for hand and tape extension techniques.


  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Resistance to deformation
  • Easily removable from tape


  • Small palette sizes


So far, no one can compete with the popularity of this brand on Aliexpress. This is the favorite preferred by the professionals. However, the kits are also meant for amateurs. Everything is thought out here. The palettes are conveniently marked: the length is indicated on each band of cilia, which is very convenient to use. The strips are packed as much as possible – the bases of the hairs are glued tightly. The fixation is medium, it makes it easy to form beams of different types during extension. The eyelashes themselves are comfortable to wear. They are soft, do not lose their bend and remain the same rich black until the next correction. But there is some discrepancy between the declared thickness and curl. Reviews often complain about this lack of sets. 


  • Resistant to the environment
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Convenient pallet marking
  • Good occupancy


  • Curvature and length may vary
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One of the most popular brands of eyelash extensions on Aliexpress. The material is easy to use, has the right bend, ideal for beginners. Experienced people are also pleased with it. With proper operation, there is no glue slipping effect, it envelops artificial eyelashes, does not curl. The adhesive tape is of high quality, the bundles are formed without problemsSome write in the reviews that after the first test of the kits they are ready to completely switch to it. Taking into account the price and fast delivery, the product can be considered the best in the rating. It still needs to improve the marking and density of the cilia on the tape. Even in the photo, bald spots are visible, which does not please users. 


  • Minimum number of scrap
  • Curvature and thickness are as stated


  • The filling of the belts is not dense
  • No length markings on the tape

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