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For Woman

Long down jacket

Long down jacket​

Knee-length jacket with zip closure, large hood, turtleneck and three zip pockets. The filler is bio-fluff. Available in three colors: dark gray, black and white. Dimensional grid – 42-50. If your winters are very cold, then take a jacket a little larger so that you can wear a jacket under it. 

Fur parka

Long down jacket​

An unusual lot for AliExpress – a parka with natural fox fur that will keep you warm even in severe frost. The jacket is lined with it from the inside, and from the outside, it is made of a material that does not allow water to pass through and almost does not get dirty.

The advantage of the model is that the fur is easily detachable. It can be removed in the fall or spring by turning the parka into a windbreaker. Customers in the reviews write that the fur is definitely natural, because it gets warm after two minutes of trying on. There are 32 design options to choose from. Available sizes – S – XL.

Jacket with fur hood

Jacket with fur hood​

Shorter jacket with duck down insulation and fur on the hood. The material is waterproof and windproof, the belt and sleeves are adjustable in length, and a hat and snood can easily fit into large pockets.

The picture is complemented by a high collar that will protect those who do not like to wear a scarf. Satisfied customers note in reviews that it is unlikely that it will be possible to buy a similar jacket in a regular store for that kind of price. The short parka is sold in four colors and three sizes.

High boots

High boots​

According to the seller, it will keep your feet warm even at -30 °. The material is waterproof nylon, and inside the boots are insulated with natural and artificial fur. The outsole is rubber and with serifs to prevent slipping.

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Available in eight colors, sizes 35 to 41. The seller adds fur insoles and a small souvenir to the order. Customers in the reviews write that they were pleasantly surprised by the fast courier delivery.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots​

Shoes with a lock and laces for those who do not want to give up heels even in winter. Ankle boots are made of genuine leather, and lined with fur inside, thanks to which they reliably protect feet from the cold. Another cool feature is the ribbed sole, which will allow you to calmly walk on the ice. Available sizes of ankle boots – 34-42. Heel height – 5 cm. Sold in two colors – red and black

Insulated pants

Insulated pants​

High-waisted duck-down pants. Suitable for both skiing and going to work in severe frost. They fit perfectly, do not get wet and stretch well, so there is an opportunity to wear thermal underwear under them. Customers in the reviews write that often the pants are a little small at first, but quickly stretch, so they are happy with the purchase.

Warm jeans

Warm jeans​

Winter is not a reason to give up your favorite skinny jeans. Just replace them with a warm fleece lining. It is soft, pleasant to the touch and does not chafe feet. Customers in the reviews note that the jeans are sewn very high quality: threads do not stick out of them and the lining does not climb.

Hat with pom pom

Hat with pom pom​

Warm hat of dense knit with a voluminous pompom made of natural mink or fur. The plus is that, if desired, it can be easily unfastened, for example, so that it does not get in the way under the hood. The hat is sold in 25 colors. Customers in the reviews are very happy with the appearance of the headgear and fast delivery.

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For Man

Oversize ‑ jacket

Oversize ‑ jacket​

Padded youth oversized jacket with a large print on the back. It is made of dense bologna, and therefore does not get wet or blown out. A high collar and a large hood complete the look and save you from the cold. There are two colors and four sizes to choose from.

Fleece pants

Fleece pants​

Tactical trousers with warm fleece lining and four pockets with rivets. The insulation inside is soft and pleasant to the touch, it does not allow the feet to sweat and does not chafe. The trousers are sold in three colors, available in sizes 30–44. Buyers write in reviews that the pants are of high quality and very comfortable.

Bolognese pants

Bolognese pants​

Lightweight, breathable waterproof pants with soft fleece lining and durable elasticated waistband. The advantage of these trousers is their durability. They are not rubbed, not scratched, and with great difficulty they are cut even with a knife. Available in two colors and sizes from S to 5XL. The seller puts a belt as a gift for the trousers .

Warm jeans

Warm jeans​

Jeans with a fleece lining are unlikely to warm you in severe frost, but they are quite okay at -5 or -10 ° C . They stretch well and are fairly well sewn: the seams are even and there are no protruding threads. Sold in two colors: navy blue and black. When choosing, be sure to study the size plate given by the seller.



Fashionable warm shoes made of artificial leather and with synthetic lining inside. Timberlands are tall and fix the shin well, preventing snow from getting inside. The outsole is rubber and ribbed, it will not slip much on ice. Available in four colors. Buyers write in reviews that the boots are not much different from the original version. The size grid is 39–46.

Trekking boots

Trekking boots​

Stylish boots with non-slip rubber sole and warm fur lining. They will not protect against severe frosts, but they are perfect for a warm winter. Customers write in reviews that the shoes do not get wet in rain and their feet do not sweat.

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Bolognese gloves

Bolognese gloves​

Warm gloves with a rubber inner side, which are convenient for both cleaning the car and skiing. On the outside there is a pocket in which you can put keys or a card for the lift. Available in three colors and four sizes. The gloves are long, so they can easily be tucked into the sleeves of the jacket to prevent snow from getting inside.

Hat with snood

Hat with snood​

A warm set of a hat and a scarf-snood will save not only the head from the cold, but also the face from the wind. Things are neatly sewn: no threads sticking out, soft lining doesn’t come off. In the reviews, people write that the set looks exactly like the picture. But if you already have a hat, then you can just take a warm round scarf

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