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The history of the creation of the cardigan can be traced back to the middle of the nineteenth century. Major General James Thomas Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan, introduced cozy fur sweaters back in the days when there was a period of attacks on the Russian army. Such clothes are called cardigan. In that time, they have significantly transformed and have become another integral part of the women’s wardrobe. So that you can buy the best of them on Aliexpress, we have created this selection.

What is cardigan

Simply put, it is an ordinary sweater that tends to be fastened with buttons, zippers or buttons. It is produced with both short and long sleeves. By the way, both of these variations are in great demand. Demand is especially high during the cold winter.

Recently, cardigan models are mainly knitted. There are both manual and machine knitting on sale – both options are successful. But the greatest popularity was achieved by cardigans made of material such as cashmere. Both women and men love him.

How to find the right cardigan

If you decide to purchase such a wonderful model for yourself, you can face a huge selection of different variations. Choose a thing to your liking. This garment will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

During its existence, men’s, women’s and children’s cardigans have undergone very strong modernization, and are used in a variety of styles.

The classic is a white cardigan. He can be seen every year on the high fashion catwalks. It will look great on you and will suit almost all of your items.

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A model such as a cashmere cardigan is still popular and is still desirable for fashion lovers, but not everyone can afford it due to the high price of the material. It is not available to produce a lot of things. It is truly comfortable and cozy for consumers. Many other materials are used to make cardigans, however cashmere is preferred.

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