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Due to the abundance of colors and models of pajamas on Aliexpress, products are usually chosen, mainly based on the description and photo in the seller’s catalog and without delving more seriously. A beautiful picture in fact can turn out to be a highly retouched photo that has nothing to do with reality. This applies to all products, but especially clothing. Therefore, when choosing pajamas, one should read not only information about the composition of the fabric and sizes, but also be very critical of the photo. Few stores can afford to pay for expensive photo shoots.  And, of course, reviews – don’t be lazy to read them. More useful information can be gleaned from them than from the description. In the review, you will find the highest quality pajamas for women, men and children

For Woman

LUOYIMENG Kigurumi Pajama

The best alternative to traditional winter pajamas is a soft and warm kigurumi jumpsuitIt is sewn from soft fleece. The colors are bright and rich. The choice of models is huge – the seller has two dozen different kigurumi for children and adults. The dimensional grid is correct, but the main selection criterion is height, not weight. Therefore, for tall and thin people, products often look baggyThe overalls were sewn well


Flirty silk sets of T-shirts and shorts are the best sellers on Aliexpress. They can be found at many sellers and, interestingly, the merchants often use the same pictures of the product. However, the quality can vary greatly. This lot stands out for the presence of real photos of pajamas. The brand is proven, with many real reviews from customers. The tailoring quality of pajamas is decent, with no protruding threads. The material is dense, pleasant to the touch. Conveniently, the straps are stretchable and adjustable. For summer, these are the best inexpensive pajamas with a wide variety of designs. But the size grid is for Chinese, which means that the clothes are small. Especially the top that goes to the maximum “B” cup in the largest size.

MUKATU Women Pijamas

Comfortable and cozy women’s pajamas made of the finest cotton are suitable for any season. It is lightweight, comfortable, rich in color. The simple cut does not hinder movement, and the muslim fabric, pleasant to the touch, allows the skin to breathe. Sleeping in pajamas is comfortable. But muslim cotton has one drawback – over time, the seams begin to diverge. The manufacturer took this feature into account and reinforced them with a special braid, which significantly increased the lifespan of the pajamas. The pajamas will be short for women taller than 170 cm. As for the size, it is better to take one or two sizes more than usual, then the pajamas will sit freely.


Comfortable women’s pajamas for sleep and relaxation are made of modal – a fabric that is light, soft, thin and durable. The material is artificial, but its properties are more similar to cotton. Pajamas stretch well, fit well on different shapes and practically don’t wrinkle. It endures numerous washings without losing its appearance. The pajama set does not fade and keeps its shape.


Classic design, high quality materials and no nuance of this women’s pajama set are combined with trendy designs and a large selection of prints. The clothes look like silk, but they are sewn from viscose. Therefore, pajamas do not electrify like cheap satin, do not stretch like cotton, and tolerate washing very well. The pattern will remain bright for a very long time, and the pajamas will not lose their shape. However, the size chart includes only three sizes. 

For Man


The beautiful unisex silk pajamas are suitable for both men and women. The fabric is delicate. Of course, this is not a natural silk material, but its artificial counterpart. But it really does give a pleasant tactile sensation. The set consists of straight pajama pants and a shirt with buttons. The fittings are of high quality. There are 7 different fashionable pajamas to choose from. In the reviews, buyers complain that it is small. This can be seen even from the dimensional tables. And there are two of them on Aliexpress – for men and women separately.

INCERUN Men Pajamas

Pajamas are positioned on Aliexpress as men’s, but their target audience is much wider. The model is also bought for children and women. A wide range of sizes allows you to choose a pajama set for any parameters. The material is polyester, which resembles cotton in appearance and tactile sensations. The model is easy to wash, dries quickly and hardly wrinkles. The fabric does not fade, does not fade, and does not absorb odors. The size grid is Chinese, if you use the data from the table when choosing pajamas, the clothes will sit as they should. But do not forget that this is synthetic, so electrification and low “breathing” properties are a bonus to its strength and durability. 

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The best way to feel cozy in the cold winter is to buy this soft and warm velor men’s pajamas. It is wear-resistant, retains heat well, does not wrinkle, does not collect dust, does not form folds and pellets. This is one of the most practical and undemanding winter pajamas to care for. The fabric perfectly permeates air and moisture, has a positive effect on the natural thermoregulation of the body. Everything is fine with the quality, the price is not too high. But it doesn’t suit tall people.


Such men’s pajamas does not restrict freedom of movement and looks very good as home clothes. Sets of the “standard” category consist of a jersey T-shirt and loose-fitting flannel trousers, large size items are sewn entirely from soft cotton. All materials are of the best quality. Of course, after washing, they will shrink, but only slightly.

PANFU s33978001

The classic two-piece made of natural cotton is the best men’s clothing for the home.  Pajamas are sewn of soft cotton, very pleasant to the touch. The material has undergone special processing and has improved wear resistance. And, like regular cotton, it is hypoallergenic. Seam processing is at the highest level. Pajamas are worn in different seasons of the year. Reviews of this product on Aliexpress are extremely positive. The seller’s size chart is correct. The largest size is suitable for men weighing up to 120 kg and up to 190 cm in height. But it must be borne in mind that after washing, the pajamas will shrink, especially the length of the trousers.

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