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A heated vest is very essential in the severe cold weather. In order for such a quilted jacket to be as effective as possible, it must be covered with a layer of clothing. Moreover, the tighter the contact with the body, the better the heating will be. In any case, walking in the winter with one vest will never be enough. However, in spring and autumn – very much it can be. Fortunately, the heated vests look like ordinary vests. We have selected for you only the best models that have earned high ratings from buyers.


Lightweight vest with stand-up collar protects well from the cold. It only has 2 heating elements on the back. The front part is insulated only with a layer of holofiber. But due to high-quality tailoring and good filler, it is possible to achieve better thermal insulation. The zipper is strong, but since it was not equipped with a windproof valve, it increases heat loss. However, in the reviews, buyers agree that clothes fulfill their function. The heated vest has been successfully tested for riding a motorcycle, winter fishing and hunting. The vest is suitable for wearing under outerwear and on its own. You can just wash it in the machine in the hand wash mode without spinning. 


The clothes are well-tailored, but the design is slightly different from the picture in the catalog. There are five heating elements. They are small, slightly larger than a plastic card (9×7 cm). In 2 minutes they heat up to 45 degrees. The power supply can be hidden in your pocket. But not every Power Bank is capable. There is an adjustment of heating modes and protection against overheating. There are reviews that the vest tolerates washing normally, although the seller does not say anything about this. In general, buyers agree that the item is good, worth the money. 

XIAOMI Cotton Smith

This product was born thanks to the Xiaomi Youpin. The vest has 4 temperature settings, a down layer and a heating regulator. It is stated that a 10,000 mAh battery will last for 8-14 hours. The control button is in the pocket, so it is convenient to turn on / off the vest. The down jacket is small, there are few heating elements, but the quality is excellent. But not everyone is ready to overpay for it. 

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CHANGE 181027BX74

The model is presented on Aliexpress both in an inexpensive version with two elements on the back, and in the most advanced version with nine heaters throughout the vest. The heating is even, heat is distributed without an unpleasant burning sensation. There are three pockets – two in the side seams and one internal for a portable battery. A 10,000 mAh Power Bank lasts at least 4 hours of operation. The vest looks very decent.


This lightweight and very comfortable fleece vest has no insulation – the best undercoat under a jacket. It has a lining and five heating elements. They are all small, but they warm well. There are two pockets, one of which is for the battery. There is also a button for turning on and adjusting modes. 

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