ASUS VivoWatch SP With Medical Grade ECG And Blood Oxygen Measurement

In the IFA 2019, the product that ASUS took the lead in the pre-show conference was the new smartwatch device VivoWatch SP, which was advertised as a medical-grade ECG sensor and also equipped with an optical heart rate sensor.

vivowatch sp launch

In terms of function, in addition to the built-in GPS to monitor the current running speed, moving distance, and actual moving route, the actual heightening distance can also be confirmed by the altimeter. The heart rate performance, ECG, and even blood oxygen levels can be analyzed, allowing users to quickly determine the current exercise status, decide whether to rest first, or continue to exercise.

As for the VivoWatch SP appearance part, it is basically the same as the general round model, and the ECG measuring component is located on the side of the bezel, which is convenient for the user to press the measurement at any time. The strap part is also designed for quick changeover, and Asus also offers a variety of strap accessories.

vivowatch sp launch

The watch itself is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. The surface is made of TFT full-color screen and anti-fingerprint stained glass. The watch itself can withstand 5ATM waterproof design, which can be used for underwater protection of 50 meters. The longest battery life can be reached 14 days, about 5 to 6 times ECG measurements can be used in one day, but if GPS positioning is turned on, it can only last for about 1 day.

ASUS is expected to launch VivoWatch SP in the fourth quarter of this year, but the actual time schedule still depends on the review speed of this product in various regions. After all, it carries the ECG measurement function with the medical grade, so it must also meet the medical regulations of each region.

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