Rumor: Apple To Release Noise Reduction AirPods Next Month With Waterproof Features

According to foreign media reports, Apple launch event will be held on September 10.  In addition to the iPhone that the general public is most concerned about, Apple will launch a series of upgraded hardware and software products, including the new iPad Pro and the noise reduction version of AirPods.

AirPods nose reduction

Apple will launch three new iPhones at that day, including the iPhone Pro, which replaces the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. At the same time, the new iPad Pro will be launched. The foreign media predicts that the new iPad Pro will be equipped with the same dual-lens camera as the new iPhone, and will continue the 10.2-inch full-screen design, which will enhance the functions related to AR technology.

At the same time, foreign media pointed out that Apple will launch the noise reduction version of AirPods at the request of the public, and it has a waterproof function. It is understood that the new version of AirPods will be priced above USD159.

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