AORUS Publishes New Flagship Model AORUS 17

AORUS, the top e-sports brand, presented the latest 17-inch flagship esports notebook – AORUS 17 at the 2019 Cologne Game Show “GAMESCOM”. AORUS leads the world in the development of notebook-specific mechanical axis keyboards with the well-known micro switch manufacturer Omron® and introduces them into AORUS 17. It provides excellent hand feel, optimizing keystrokes and giving most durable quality. AORUS also equipped with Intel latest 8 core processors and NVIDIA® RTX graphics cards that support instant light and shadow tracking, also complemented by the exclusive cooling technology ‘WINDFORCE INFINITY’.

Aorus 17

The world’s first laptop with an OMRON® mechanical axis keyboard

AORUS is once again leading the industry in developing the mechanical shaft for notebooks with OMRON®, the world’s largest microswitch manufacturer, and incorporating ingenious ideas into the details. AORUS also reflects its pursuit of the ultimate spirit of the keyboard backlight, the keyboard’s keycap has been redesigned, with a unique concentric circular lithography, can enhance the keyboard brightness of 27%, with AORUS exclusive FUSION 2.0 software, let the keyboard backlight Fully customizable, fully demonstrating the unique personal style of the players!


AORUS teamed up with GIGABYTE to launch the latest ‘WINDFORCE INFINITY’ cooling technology on AORUS 17, and the heat-dissipating capability has leaped forward. AORUS 17 is equipped with a new generation of heat-dissipating  Vapor Chamber, which greatly improves heat dissipation efficiency by 37%. It is equipped with 5 heat pipes, two sets of 12V voltage, 51 fan blades and a large opening at the bottom. Players can safely turn on/off high performances without worrying about the downsizing caused by overheating of the notebook.

Aorus 17

Equipped with the latest 9th generation Intel 8 core Coffee Lake H Refresh processor

The newly upgraded AORUS 17 is equipped with the latest 9th generation 8-core i9-9980HK processor, which is 10% more efficient than the 8th generation Intel® coreTM i9-8950HK processor. The highest clock comes to 5.0Ghz with 8 cores. 16 threads, so that more work efficiency is more perfect, even players can play video or live broadcast smoothly when playing grade AAA game masterpiece, allowing players to instantly synchronize with the world.

Equipped with 240hz E-sports display + X-RiteTM Pantone® color correction

The AORUS 17 is equipped with an AUO® super-update rate of 240Hz and 3ms response time. Not only that, but each screen is factory-calibrated and certified by X-RiteTM Pantone®.

Industry’s only All Intel Inside technology

GIGABYTE partnered with Intel®, to launch the industry’s only All Intel Inside technology, adhering to Intel’s components, including CPU (Intel® CoreTM i9-9980HK) and solid-state drive (Intel® 760p SSD) Wireless network chips (KillerTM Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 with Intel® core) and ThunderboltTM 3 create the most stable and powerful e-sports platform.

The world’s first Microsoft Azure AI performance notebook

Gigabyte AORUS 17 is fortunate to be favored by the industry giant Microsoft to create the world’s first performance notebook with Microsoft Azure AI. The system can use the machine learning of Microsoft® Azure platform to judge the characteristics of the program being executed by the user. The power consumption of the processor (CPU) and the graphics processing unit (GPU) allows the user to get a full-featured game frame (FPS) or shorter audio and video processing time. User can easily switch without the need for additional settings (Switchless).

Top gauge NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 20 Series display chip

AORUS 17 incorporates NVIDIA’s new TuringTM technology’s GeForce RTXTM display chip, which not only greatly improves 3D computing performance, but also features Real Time Ray Tracing and DLSS and NVIDIA® Adaptive Shading, providing a more realistic, more detailed gameplay.

Other top specifications

In addition to the top keyboard, screen and performance, AORUS 17 uses the ESS Sabre Hi-Fi DAC chip, which is commonly used in high-end audio. It not only supports 24bit/192KHz output frequency but also drives medium to high-end headphones with an impedance of 16-600 ohm mid-range headphones allow players to experience more layered sound quality; the wireless network also uses the KillerTM AX1650 wireless card that supports the latest Wi-Fi 6, with 2.4Gbps transmission speed.

AORUS 17 is expected to be available on October 2019.


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