Android Opens Fingerprint Identification For Web Login

Android open fingerprint identification for web login, Pixel device is the first to open.

Now, most of the Android smartphones can provide biometric authentication based on fingerprint recognition. Currently, Android can provide mobile phone unlocking, app password authentication, and mobile payment authentication. Google announces that it will open the web login through biometric authentication. This means that in the future, you can log in on the Android device by pressing the fingerprint, and you don’t have to enter the complicated password. This feature will be the first to open on the Pixel device, and then open to Android 7.0 and above-qualified devices.

Google emphasizes that its biometric webpage login is FIDO2 compliant. Through W3C WebAuthin and FIDO CTAP, it provides identity recognition including browser, identity verification of applications and web services, and emphasizes that the device stores the fingerprint information. Personal biometrics are transmitted to the server. This feature requires a compatible password-recording service, such as Google’s Of course, you need to sign in to your Google Account and set your screen lock.

Source: Google

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