Android 9 Earned First On Android Version Shared By Top 10 Manufacturers

Google will release the latest version of OS – Android 10, adding features such as dark mode, gestures, and enhanced privacy protection. It is expected to be launched as soon as on September 4. The first wave of system upgrades available for the first time is the full line of Google Pixel, including Pixel 1, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 as well as this year’s mid-range Pixel 3a series.

As for the major mobile phone brand manufacturers in the Android camp, when will the user’s mobile phone receive an update notification of the new Android 10 system upgrade? It is subject to the subsequent announcement by various brand manufacturers. However, due to the efficiency and enthusiasm of the brand manufacturers to support the Android system upgrade, the development speed and operation process of each software is slightly different, which is also a major factor affecting the upgrade rate of the Android system.

Recently, according to the latest survey report released by the market research organization Counterpoint Research, through the collection of more than ten mobile phone brands equipped with Android on the market for the products that have been launched from the Q3 2018 to Q2 2019.

Nokia Rank 1 in Android 9

According to statistics, HMD Global, which is licensed by Nokia mobile phone brand, has about 20 Nokia mobile phone models that have been upgraded to Android 9, accounting for 96%, ranking the highest among all brands. In addition, only about 4% of Nokia phones use  Android 8.1. This means that for Nokia users, compared to other brands, they can upgrade the Android system and security in the shortest time.

android version market share

Samsung ranked second, and its Galaxy model has been upgraded to Android 9 system, accounting for 89%. Ranked third is Xiaomi, accounting for 84%. Huawei ranked fourth, accounting for 82%. Ranked fifth is Lenovo, accounting for 43%.

The fifth to tenth positions are: OPPO (35%), Vivo (18%), LG (16%), Alcatel (14%), Tecno (only 5%). For mobile phone brands that do not rank in the top ten, they are classified as ‘others’.


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