A young Russian sued Apple, claiming the iPhone was the reason he became gay

The Moscow Times Russian media have reported strange news about a Russian man who sued Apple, claiming that a mysterious message sent from the iPhone made him gay.

The man named D. Razumilov revealed that in 2017, an anonymous English message that he received via the app ‘Cryptocurrency’ says “Don’t judge without trial.” The message was attached during the transaction “GayCoins”, the digital currency of LGBT citizens.

Razumilov revealed that the statement made him think, “True, we shouldn’t make any judgments before trying. So I started to have same-sex relationships.” After he experimented with same-sex relationships, Razumilov found out. That he was exposed to a stable love partner But at the same time he found that it was a bad development for him

He has a man who he loves but Razumilov doesn’t know how to explain it to his family. After receiving that message My life has changed And there is no way to go back to being the same. He concluded that he is facing moral suffering. And being mentally abused due to being teased. For that reason, He then decided to sue Apple for approximately $ 15,000.

Razumilov also confirmed that he can’t change himself back again. Because he is so passionate in the same sex that he can’t return to like a girl again.

Source: www.newsweek.com

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