5 Basic Tricks To Secure Your Privacy On Whatsapp

Sending messages through Whatsapp become routine in our daily life. It is also one of the things that concern us most about how to avoid your privacy from leaking. That is why these five tricks that are aimed at hiding your identity or preventing your personal data and conversations from ending up in the hands of strangers will come in handy.

WhatsApp security your data

  1. Avoid that they can read the notifications that come to you with the screen locked: if someone is attentive to the screen of your mobile trying to read who writes to you and what writes to you, you just have to deactivate the option within the app.
  2. Hide the WhatsApp photo so that only the contacts you want to see it. Why would you want a stranger to recognize you by your profile picture on WhatsApp.
  3. Make sure that encryption with another contact with whom you were often is intact and there is no security bug in what you say. You can learn more about End-to-End Encryption here
  4. Activate the access with the fingerprint to the application. This way, even if you leave your phone unlocked, nobody can read your messages.
  5. And last, and not least, the two-step verification of WhatsApp.

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