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13 Best Products for auto repair and maintenance In Aliexpress

1. Stethoscope

A car stethoscope works on the same principle as a medical one. It allows you to perform primary diagnostics of the engine or its individual units without disassembly. The tubes are made of stainless steel, there is an extension, which is attached with a rubber connection and helps to reach the rollers, nozzles and other assemblies in hard-to-reach places.

2. Borescope

A more advanced diagnostic tool that allows you to look inside the engine without disassembling it. A 2-megapixel camera on a semi-rigid leg is connected to a wireless module, to which a smartphone or laptop is connected via Wi-Fi to view the picture. At the end of the borescope there is LED illumination, as well as a thread for installing additional accessories from the kit: magnet, hook, mirror. The gadget is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

3. Brake fluid tester

A portable device for determining the percentage of moisture in the brake fluid, which it inevitably absorbs over time. You just need to remove the cap and dip the electrodes into the tank. One or two orange lights indicate fluid is normal. Red – indicate that the time has come for a replacement. The green indicator signals the operation of the tester itself and the normal charge of the AAA battery inside.

4. Tread gauge

A simple device in the form of a card with a retractable dipstick, with which it is easy to measure the tread height of tires. A scale in millimeters is marked on the body, as well as recommended values ​​for different types of tires. It is enough to put the gauge on the wheel, extend the dipstick all the way and look at the scale.

5. Gap gauge spark plugs

A miniature coin-shaped gauge is used to check the gap between the spark plug electrodes. The disc has different thickness along the contour – the markings in millimeters and inches are applied in a circle on both sides. You just need to insert the gauge into the spark plug gap and check its value on the scale. If necessary, the electrode can be bent in the tapered hole and the gap can be adjusted to a suitable size.

6. Set of probes

A universal set of dipsticks for adjusting valves, the same spark plug gap and other needs. The gauges are highly accurate and lubricated with oil, each with a thickness value. There are two sets to choose from: with 17 and 20 blades, which differ in the size of the step size.

7. Terminal extractors

A useful tool for removing pins in connectors and terminal blocks. Allows you to quickly get the pin you need without picking out the plug with a screwdriver and other improvised means. There are several sets, the most complete includes 11 of the most common keys.

8. Set of fuses

A set of 220 fuses of various sizes and sizes. All varieties are sorted by color and arranged in compartments inside a convenient plastic container with a lid. The kit also includes universal pliers for removing fuses from the fuse box.

9. Blades for trimming

Plastic spatulas are useful for neatly removing the dashboard when installing radio tape recorders, cameras, soundproofing and other work. They greatly simplify the removal of clips and dismantling of the trim, reducing the risk of breakage and damage to interior parts. The set includes four tools of various shapes.

10. A set of clips

A large set of various clips for fastening the interior trim, bumpers and other parts. The set includes 100 or 200 clips of more than 50 varieties. They are suitable for cars of different brands.

11. Gaikol

A useful tool to help cut and remove a rusted nut. If the fasteners do not give in in any way, you just need to put on the nut from above and tighten its bolt until the built-in chisel cuts the wall of the nut. There are three models to choose from, designed for part sizes up to 80, 102, 130 or 150 mm.

12. Comb for radiator

A special “comb” with which you can smooth out the wrinkled honeycomb of the radiators of the cooling system, air conditioner or intercooler. The tool has six sets of “teeth”, so it will not be difficult to select the required cell size for a specific radiator.

13. Washer for jack

Rubber spacers for rolling jacks are needed in order not to jam the body parts when lifting the car. Complete washers eventually deteriorate and need to be replaced. There are three spacer options to choose from, which differ in the shape and width of the groove.

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